About Team Zebra

We love what we do and we love sharing our knowledge with others.

We employ some bright young things to make sure that what we offer is vibrant and our thinking keen, but we’ve also got older, wiser Zebras to make sure that we don’t lose sight of what’s really important.

About Zebra Internet Services

We’ve been around for ages.

2015 marks Zebra’s 20th anniversary, establishing us as the oldest SEO company in Newcastle. Our many years of experience mean that we’re a tech-savvy and internet-wise group of people who know a lot about what it takes for businesses to successfully adapt to new technology and market trends in the industry. There isn’t much that has happened that we don’t know about and we use our knowledge of history so that we can help to shape the future.

Zebra Internet Services

We put you and your business first.

The Zebra team has grown into a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and complimentary core skills. This means that we can offer you solid advice on a variety of issues from internet connectivity to how your business could grow with a better online presence. We’re a friendly, amiable and knowledgeable bunch of individuals, who are all stuffed full of enthusiasm and ideas that we’d like to put to work for you.

Zebra Internet Services Logo

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