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Domaincheck Partner

Zebra are partners with Domaincheck. For over 20 years, Domaincheck has been providing you with domain name registration and website hosting solutions alongside a range of more advanced hosting services and security products. We’ve been at it for so long, that we’re confident that we can provide you with exactly what you need to cement your web presence.


Nominet are one of the world’s leading internet registry companies. Zebra have worked with Nominet for 20 years and thanks to their exceptional technical expertise we have been able to give our customers access to the .uk domain space. Nominet has a public purpose agenda and works closely with national and international organisations to find solutions for making the internet a better and more secure place.

Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting

As one of the first members of Nominet, (the guys who control the .uk suffix) Zebra's 20 year reputation in the domain name industry means we're a trusted registrar nationwide. Our domain name registration and hosting arm, www.domaincheck.co.uk, allows you to buy what you need online, including domains, SSL Certificates, new TLDs, anti spam solutions, cloud based hosting, anti virus, and of course, varying levels of website hosting to suit your business.

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